NOV 9, 2023 | PRESS RELEASES The Bitkov family fled Russia in 2008 after receiving death threats. Now living in Guatemala on refugee status, the family’s freedom remains in jeopardy as the Guatemalan Supreme Court recently upheld an absurd 14-year jail sentence based on trumped-up charges. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) as well as Representatives Chris Smith […]

We thank Bill Browder for fighting for real human rights. Bitkov Family Guatemala

We thank Bill Browder for fighting for real human rights.

  We greet everyone, especially Bill Browder, John Lought, Ivan Chercasov and his entire team. Regrettably we can not be present with you but we send our warmest wishes. We thank Bill Browder and every single person who is fighting for real human rights, for democracy and for the dignity of the human being. the tragedy […]

President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe sends Message to the People of Guatemala

ESPAÑOL DISPONIBLE AQUÍ: #MENSAJE del expresidente de #Colombia @AlvaroUribeVel dirigido al pueblo de #Guatemala exhortando a prescindir del trabajo judicial de #IvanVelasquez ya que es un hombre totalmente sesgado en favor de sectores extremistas cercanos al terrorismo colombiano. — Support The Bitkovs (@SupportBitkovs) 2 de septiembre de 2018 First of all, I want to […]

Corte de Constitucionalidad Resuelve a Favor de Irina Bitkova-3

(Español) Corte de Constitucionalidad AMPARA EN DEFINITIVA a Irina Bitkova

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