Happy birthday Bill Browder!

Dear Bill:

It is an honour to congratulate you with your birthday! From all the members of our family we are wishing you first of all happiness and peace in your life; we wish you to always keep the fire of your courage alive in your heart; to maintain this inner balance between the fight and the good-willing results.

We all admire your strength and determination in the protection of the human rights, in the ability to bring justice to those who don’t have a voice yet. Our family just as surely many other families remember you in our prayers every single day for you made it possible for us to be reunited, it is nothing short of a miracle.

Your life has an incredible purpose and we are grateful to God for the day when you were born, we wish you many, many blessings on each step of your life. We are hoping that someday soon we can meet in person, somewhere safe and far away from all these tribulations.

Bill, may God bless every single action that you do in the name of Justice. 

With best wishes,

Bitkov family

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